Brokers - MCShipgroup based in Monte Carlo since 2008
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Brokers Tankers vessel & Time Charter

The Monaco Shipbrokers, part of MC Shipping group, is the first shipbroking company in Monaco – Monte Carlo since 2008!

Our team delivers facilitate deals between oil companies, traders and ship-owners, and negotiate for cargoes to be transported between producers and refiners. Through its remarkable performance over the years, Monaco shipbrokers has obtained the confidence and commitment of major charterers, traders and ship-owners worldwide.

A group of extremely qualified and experienced brokers provides a high standard of service and valuable support in oil transport negotiations ranging from refined petroleum product carriers to large crude oil tankers.

The size of tankers we deal with ranges from 5,000 dwt ships carrying refined petroleum products (including naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, gasoil and fuel oil) to crude oil tankers in excess of 300,000 dwt. On a day-to-day basis, our team handles all aspects of spot chartering and longer-period time charters as well as Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs) and individual project consultancy.

S&P Project

The sale and purchase department of Monaco Shipbrokers is intended to respond to clients’ questions and concerns regarding possible purchases.

In a continuously evolving market, our task is to offer clients the most current information and a well-considered consultation on any type of ship.

Over the years, we have also expanded our contacts with the biggest and most important shipyards in the world to offer a wider range of solutions.

Our expertise and resources help clients successfully sell and buy ships, contract new buildings and arrange the scrapping of older tonnage, in all the world’s major shipping centres.

We can support our customers to traditional vessel types such as tankers and in addition on specific and niche projects, as in the areas of transhipment, offshore, livestock ships and yachts.